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Hanakapia, Kauai, Hawaii Flying Island

Posted: November 26, 2007

Date: Late August, early Sept. 1975.
Time: Late morning, early afternoon.

Location of Sighting: Hanakapia, Kauai, Hawaii.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Wedge, 2 right angles at eastern end, 30 some degree angle at west end.

Full Description of event/sighting: Here's a follow up to my earlier report on a sighting in 1975 on the Island of Kauai.

Six years after the sighting, two friends from Hawaii told me there were written accounts of a flying island coming to Haena, and that some thought they came to pick up and drop off the Menehune, the (legendary?) little people of ancient Hawaii, whom some say made of the stone configurations on the island.

Five years after that, which would be 1986, I vacationed in Hawaiik, this time on the big island, named Hawaii. I went to a bookstore and told the manager about my sighting 11 years earlier. She became immediately a little excited and said that an elderly gentleman in Hawaii had seen the "floating island" two years earlier.

Moreover, the woman went to a book shelf and picked up Marge or Marjorie Beckwith's book, Myths and Legends of Hawaii, informing me that there accounts of the flying island, which I (and other) had seen and accounts of the floating island as well.

She told me Hawaiians felt it was auspicious for them when people saw either of them. The account of the flying island was in Beckwith's book, on page 70 (or thereabouts), as I recall, and described a flying island that was seen in the Haena area, which is where Hanukapiai is, and where I had the sighting.

The woman made me feel a bit excited too, though I'm not sure how my sighting and Hawaiians feeling auspicious are connected.

I AM (you don't have italics or underlining on your page--that's why I capitalized am) doing research on the origins of religion, Judaism and Xity, some on Islam. If my research were to get widely known, it would be auspicious for all of us, since it would undermine the false religions teaching speciesm and human elitism.

*Hanakapia, Kauai, Hawaii Flying Island*

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