Monday, June 1, 2009

Wallington, New Jersey USA Unusual Colored Clouds

Posted: June 1, 2009

Date: Summer of 1965 -- 68 can't exactly recall.
Time: Afternoon.

Location of Sighting: Wallington, NJ.
Number of witnesses: 7 or more; 2 were adults.
Number of Objects: Several
Shape of Objects: Colored clouds.

Full Description of Event/Sighting: A few neighborhood kids were playing outside. It was a bright day. Suddenly, in the sky a cloud appeared and continued to gather. It was in the south/southeast. Then the cloud began to change colors. These colors were pastel and changed from red to green to blue and I think orange, too.

We kids scrambled and called attention to the mothers who were present. We then tuned into the radio to hear if anyone else had seen this. Others had and the radio was reporting weather testing.

I've never heard anymore about this. I've searched the Internet but found no reports. It was too far south to me over Teterboro Airport and too far north for Newark Airport. Clouds are certainly identifiable but they don't change colors. And why would there be weather testing within 25 miles of New York City?

Thank you to the witness for the report. (If anyone else remembers this and can shed some light, please write to Brian with any details.

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