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A Number Of Eyewitnesses Watch UFO Make Jumps In The Sky Over Clarion Clarion County Pennsylvania (Nice Graphic)

Date:  February 27, 2015
Time:  Evening.

Canadian UFO Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: I posted this sighting report on February 27, 2015 just after I received it. I am re-posting the report here as I received a nice graphic the witness made to show what the UFO appeared to look like.

My boyfriend and I were driving home from Clarion (the "town") in Clarion county when we spotted a weird object in the sky on our way towards Knox.

It looked like a super bright ball of light with a bar on each side of more white lights. We were both starting at it through the front windshield debating what we were seeing when it suddenly jumped (vanished in clouds and in the blink of an eye was way further away).

Both of us looked at each other and asked, "did/do you see that?" Of course the usual talk followed after we agreed we both were seeing it and were glad we were both seeing it.

We watched it hover and slowly cruise until planes/jets showed up and were approaching it from all around.

The object jumped way ahead of them and they all have chase. We chased it from the ground trying to figure out what we were seeing.

The object jumped at least 3 more times while we were watching and we actually managed to watch it the whole way to my parent's home until it shot of into the sky.

When we got to my parent's, my mom, brother and sister admired they saw it also (the house has a huge bay window they could see it out of plus they were outside a few times doing outside chores such as feeding horses).

We have actually seen the object at least 4 more times since then and it'd only been about a week or 2 since we seen it the first time.

We actually saw it again tonight. It looked like it for down through the trees by the Allegheny river tonight. Kind of scary, but awe inspiring while also raising the curiosity for what we are seeing.

Thank you to the witness for their report and nice graphic.

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