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UFO Encounters At San Pedro California

 When I entered the main gate of the marina at Berth 43 in San Pedro, CA, where I kept my vessel and I was startled as I let the gate slam shut to see a huge exceptionally bright light shining above the docks just past the gangway.

It was absolutely silent, 3:00 a.m., and my thoughts that someone had hung a huge light above the docks for some unknown reason left my mind as I realized that there are no "sky hooks" or any other structures that anything could hang from over the docks.

I hesitated and fear struck my guts big time as I could see that this huge white circular light did not cast any shadows.

Instinctively I ducked back into a corner behind the gate hoping that "they" hadn't seen me. My heart was pounding in my chest, when suddenly, without making a sound, the huge bright circular object just wasn't there any longer!

This was the first sighting I was to encounter over the next few years.

My boat was moored way out at the end of the docks, and the second event happened when I was startled awake by this intensely bright light which seemed to surround my entire vessel.

It was so bright I was sure it was right over me. I didn't feel fear this time, just wrote it off as something one of the movie companies were filming and I covered my head with my sleeping bag and went back to sleep.

The next morning I realized that this blinding light woke me up at 3:00 a.m. When I asked other people at the marina that weekend if they had seen any bright lights, they all said "no."

The third sighting happened when I was at home on Shepard Street in San Pedro. I liked to sit on the enclosed front porch and watch the boats sailing by on the ocean. This particular time I couldn't sleep, so I thought I would sit on the front porch until I could go back to sleep.

I had a clear view of the ocean with buildings to right and left. Suddenly a brilliant white light lit up the  back yard of the building to my left across the street. It struck me as strange because it was about 2:30 a.m., it was perfectly silent, and this ball of light began to bob up and down.

There was no traffic about, nothing. When this large globe suddenly moved at a right degree angle straight over the empty property across the street and then stopped and "hung" there, I hit the floor terrified!

Again, I noted that there were no shadows! I peeked out at this great white light which remained stationary for a short time, then it moved at a right degree angle to my right, stopped short in mid air, then moved straight down, then straight up again.

What could possibly move like that, and hang there in perfect silence? Wondering if I should call someone to report this, the huge light just "disappeared" in an instant, almost like a slit had opened to another dimension and the lighted object just slipped through the slit and was gone.

The fourth incident happened when I was housesitting for friends whose home overlooked the entire World Port LA with a great view of Santa Catalina Island in the distance. It was really dark outside, and the view was breathtaking.

Suddenly I saw a huge bright round object just "hanging" still in the sky outside the third property to my right. As I watched the light, it then moved at a right degree angle to the next property to my right and stopped there.

I realized that this object was moving in my direction, stopping at each individual home. I was afraid that it was coming to this house next and I really had no place to hide! I ran all the way through the house and ducked behind the garage off the street, praying that it had not spotted me watching it.

Again, no shadows, just a brilliant circular white light that seemed to fill every nook and cranny.  The light suddenly went dark and the object was gone!  Needless to say, it was about 3:00 a.m.!

Of course, no one else seemed to ever see this object, and my boyfriend really didn't believe me when I told him about it. Who would? That is, until there was an incident with my boat when she began taking on water and it took several tense hours to get a diver out on a black freezing cold night to patch the leak.

My boyfriend then decided to tear out the fish hold at the stern which had rotted out and caused the hull of my vessel to in turn begin to rot in one spot. He began the project in the late evening and into the early morning.

While I was in the galley cooking up the White Sea Bass he had caught for us, my boyfriend suddenly came rushing into the galley in a panic asking for my Polaroid Camera.

He urged me to "get out here quick," but I had to wash my hands first. As I did so, he rushed back into the galley waving a Polaroid photo in his hand, "I got it, I got it!", he shouted with glee!

He told me that as he was bending down, tearing out the rotten wood that had caused the leak in the hull of my ship, he was startled when a huge round brilliant white light appeared and was "hanging still" in mid air, right beside my vessel.

He said it felt like the object was watching him, but every time he stood up to look, it "disappeared," and then it would reappear when he bent down again.  When he ran back to the stern with my camera and the UFO reappeared all he had to do was hold the camera straight up and hit the button.

As the photo developed, all I could make out was what looked like a cloud of white smoke. However, when we ran the photo through some computer soft wear for analysis, we could quite plainly see what looked like a classic cigar shaped UFO with windows all around.

Yep, we got a photo of the UFO, and yes it was taken around 3:00 a.m. that dark winter morning. My boyfriend now believes my other sightings, however, no one else does to this day!

I sold my boat and haven't been hanging around San Pedro at 3:00 a.m. since then. UFO or USO, they have been here in this area for a very long time.

Even the Chumash Indians tell stories about the great white lights here in San Pedro.

Brian Vike.
Box 1091
Houston, British Columbia, Canada.

The Vike Factor (Brian Vike)

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