Saturday, July 26, 2014

White/Gray Disc Shaped UFO Flew Over Manomet Massachusetts

 Date:  April 2012
Time:  Evening.

Manomet, MA approximately April 2012

My son and I were at our home which overlooks the ocean and is nestled on a cliff.

We heard a high pitched whine, very similar to a high speed electric motor.

We looked away from the water, towards the house and a saw it.

A white/gray unmarked and almost triangular (but more rounded/disc shaped) object passed over our home about 20 feet from the roofline. So close I could see all the panels, etc. It was about 40 feet across and from front to end about the same size.

I'm prior military. It looked like a new kind of drone, and man made--and not by a novice. My son to this day still tells his friends he saw a UFO with dad.

After some digging on my own, a few locals stated supposedly there are top secret drones at one of the bases here locally in MA, maybe this was one of them.

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