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Boomerang Shaped UFO/Alien Craft In The Sky Seen From San Diego California

Date:  December 19, 2014
Time:  5:00 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.

Hi, I saw a boomerang shaped object in the sky while I was driving home about a month ago. I've been asking around if anyone else had seen it.

I live in San Diego, California and I had just got off work and was traveling east on the Interstate 8. Above the mountains in front of me was a bunch of clouds, then suddenly this boomerang looking object came out of the clouds towards me, then banked left then headed east back into the clouds.

It was big, but I was having a hard time trying to figure out how far away it was. I almost crashed! Its been bugging me for weeks now. So tonight I thought, you know, let me look on the internet and see if anyone else saw this.

Everyone I've mentioned it to looks at me like I'm crazy. I've seen orbs twice now, but this boomerang thing was impressive. It was an orange kind of color.

I've never seen anything like it so it was hard to process what I was witnessing. I'm an artist, so I think I'm going to draw what I saw. I came across you, so I thought I would share this with you.

I'm always looking to the sky and like I said, I've seen orbs so I'm always looking up. Everyone makes fun of me, but now that I found you I know I'm not crazy.

I'm 45 years old so I'm not a little kid even though I feel like one now writing this to you. Now this is driving me nuts for sure. I want to see it again. Let me know if anyone else saw what I saw. Thanks!

Additional Information:

Hi Brian, thanks for getting back to me. I narrowed it down. It was light out still, so it was December 19, 2014 at around 5:00 p.m. - 5:15 p.m. on a Friday.

I was headed home on Interstate 8 eastbound. This thing appeared from what I can tell above La Mesa or Santee. It came out of the clouds slightly towards me then banked to the south and then towards the west right back into the clouds.

It was moving effortlessly as if it was gliding, but it defied gravity. I couldn't believe something so big could turn like it was. I think the reason I kind of dismissed it was because I was in traffic, so I looked around to see if anyone else was seeing this.

No one from what I could tell. I got the feeling like it didn't want to be seen. It was a burnt orange metallic color and luminous, but the sun was setting behind me in the west so it is possible it was a reflection of that, but I cant say for sure.

It looked exactly like a wing from a passenger jet, but no body fuselage, but big. Real big. This all happened in seconds. It didn't even disturb the clouds as it reentered them. I've been talking about it ever since.

I don't know why I didn't follow up on it sooner. Since I emailed you last night, I've been beating myself up over why did I dismiss this? Why didn't I look on the internet? Why with an interstate with all lanes filled with cars, am I the only one that saw it.

What's crazier is I talked to my brother last night and told him what I saw. He almost crapped his pants. He claims he saw the same thing exactly during the lunar eclipse of 2010.

He said he only told a few people. But he did however get a photo of something else shortly after that. Google DC Buchanan UFO.

Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: The witness for the above sighting found an image which was on The Vike Factor which illustrates what it was he saw. (Below Link)

Transparent V Shaped UFO Spotted Over Johannesburg South Africa (Excellent Graphic)

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