Sunday, July 20, 2014

Orange/Yellow Objects With Black Unknown Following Behind At Western Massachusetts USA

 Date:  July 19, 2014
Time:  9:36 p.m.

Hi, I had an almost Identical sighting to the one posted. I was driving in Western MA,turnpike 90 west at around 9:36 p.m. I was one minuet from exit 5.

I was with my kids and on the phone when on what would be my horizon at that point a helicopter light looking objects taking off. I thought nothing of it being near a military base.

I saw one, then two, then three, then four etc., up to between 7-9 of them. I still thought not much of it just "wow, that’s quite a few."

I continued for a maybe 10 seconds back to my phone conversation and I looked back up and those objects had changed color into orange/yellowish orbs of fire-like color light.

It was organized into an arch shape, although it wasn't a perfect arch. It was coming down the highway at me. Others saw this, they were all honking their horns like crazy, they saw it too!

I was swearing into the phone in dis-belief (which I don't do). I eventually past under and looked to the left. At the left of the formation was 2 of the orbs relatively close out of formation and a very black object following close behind.

This was the detail that really caught my attention as the other poster said. This object was not very large, but wow it was blacker than black so much so that against the night sky it still stood out like a color of black that is impossible to replicate.

It was not normal. I have live near a Military base my whole life and none of these objects are even close to explainable. I eventually got off the highway and had to get out of my car to collect myself. The sighting was on 7/19/14 at 9:36 p.m.

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