Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bright Moon Sized White Ball Of Light Falls From The Sky Seen From Donegal Pennsylvania

Date:  October 16, 2012
Time:  Approx: 7:00 p.m.

I was traveling on the PA Turnpike just outside of Donegal, PA around 7:00 p.m. last night (October 16th, 2012).

It was not completely dark yet. The sky was clear. No clouds, no stars, no moon visible and the turnpike was busy.

There was a tractor trailer ahead of me, cars behind me and passing me. In the distance there were mountains, on either side of the road were woods.

All of a sudden out of nowhere this big bright white ball of light appeared in the sky. Off to the left in the distance, but very close and low in the sky. A split second earlier it was not there. It just appeared at the blink of an eye.

It didn't move and was only stationary in the sky long enough that it caught my attention. I have never seen anything so bright. It was just this big ball of radiant white light, about the size of the moon if the moon where to be visible, but it was low in the sky, in the atmosphere, and close.

Just as quickly as I noticed it glowing in the sky, it dropped at free fall speed into the woods. It didn't leave a trail like a shooting star, a fireball, or a comet. It just dropped straight down, and fast.

I couldn't believe what I had just seen, and even more unbelievable was that no one else seemed to notice or be alarmed by it. No one slowed down or pulled off the road.

Everyone kept moving at 65 mph or faster.

I fully expected to see an explosion of some kind coming from the woods, because this thing was big, the size of the moon if it were in the sky, but low.

This LED like bright ball of light just dropped like a lead balloon from the sky down into the trees. You would think it would freak me out, but I wasn't frightened by it. I was just stunned.

I didn't get freaked out until I got home and Googled "Ball of white light dropping from the sky". That's when I found this site, and others, with all kinds of accounts of other people who have seen exactly what I saw in other places at various times.

I don't watch UFO television shows, there is nothing I could have seen or heard that would influence me subconsciously to come up with a story like that.

I watched the local news last night to see if anything was reported, but nothing.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

Also, please feel free to send in your sightings that have happened years ago. So many of these older sightings are nothing short of amazing.

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Susan said...

I just saw the very same thing tonight. I sent you an email. It was really bazarre. I want to know what it was. It was exactly as you described it. Only I was sitting by a window that over looks the city for miles. In Carlsbad, CA

Susan said...

I just read your article after getting on line to see if anyone had posted anything on what I just saw. I saw exactly as you describe a very large ball of bright light just appeared in the sky and then it fell straight down very rapidly into the dark. I was waiting to see a burst of flame or something. I did freak when I saw it, because I was sitting by a window talking to someone looking out the window, when in appeared in the distance. The person I was talking to had their back turned to the window. When I saw it I gasped and pointed out the window and said OMG look at that what is that, he got annoyed that I cut him off of his conversation and I gasped at what I saw. He would not look, but I know what I saw. I ran down to the computer to see if anyone posted anything. I was sitting by a window that over looks the city below and I believe it looks North of the I-5 or the 405. I do not know this area very well, but I do know what I saw, and want to know what it was.  I am in Carlsbad near La Costa in California it was between 8pm and 8:30pm. when I saw it. It was very clear out and it was way to big to be a star. 

Sydney said...

I live in orange beach alabama and I was sitting on my balcony about a week ago smoking a cigarette before bed. I saw it out of the corner of my eye then turned to see a bright blue ball of light half way in the sky, shooting straight down. Fast as fuck. I saw it go all the way down to the ground. I waited to see if any explosions occured. they didnt. Oddly though, off in the distance I saw a bright blue light in the back of someones house. It kept getting gradualy bigger . I thought it might be someones backyard light but seriously, it was extremely bright and I had never seen a light in that persons backyard before.

Anonymous said...

I was driving to work today (10/24/2013) in NY. I saw a very bright light, torpedo shaped, do a dead vertical drop very rapidly from the sky and disappear behind a building. I thought that I was seeing things. I said "What was that? and my wife answered "Yeah what was that?" I then asked her what she saw and she said a bright light fall from the sky. We were about to drive on an overpass over a highway and I thought I might see some debris on the ground but there was nothing. Also I didn't hear a sound of a crash or anything. I didn't report it to anyone but am on the computer now out of curiosity to see if anyone else saw it. I can't find anything. Very strange!

Jessica Garrett said...

I just saw the same exact thing here in Portland, Oregon. I am in the SE sector facing the North when it happened on Friday, Sept 5, 2014 approximately 11:12pm Pacific Time. Obviously, I started to check news and search Google and see if anyone else witnessed this. So far nothing on what happened last night.
I found a link to your blog while trying to search for answers.
Any idea what it is? Is it a so called Lighting Ball?