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A Family Of Five Observe Huge UFO In The Sky Over West Central Minnesota (Amazing Pictures)

From Brian Vike's UFO Files.

Date:  November 29, 2003
Time:  Evening.

I only got one really good picture. I have a bunch of other shots, but they are not as good. I saw bright flash in western sky, a huge bright light. Then it zips to a southeast position. Sits there.

I yelled for my husband and then for the boys who were having band practice. The object had by then moved to a southwest position and just sat there. Multiple lights flashing and appeared to be changing in shape. I will have each of them write up a separate statement.

The object then sinks on the horizon very slowly, as if to land. This lasted a good 20 minutes of great viewing for us all, and it was “huge”. Biggest I have ever seen for the distance.

My husband had to leave and the boys were a little shell shocked from what they saw. They just couldn't believe it. I continued to watch and a jet came in, or at least it sounded like one and I grabbed my camera and keys and went to my car to pursue it.

By the time I got down to the lake, I no longer could see it or the jet, but again, it was “huge”.

I will send their statements later. They went off to a friends' house.

Thank you to the witnesses for their report.

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