Thursday, February 19, 2015

UFO Makes A Sudden 90 Degree Turns And Speeds Off Over Lemoore/Hanford Visalia California

Date:  Around New Years 2015
Time:  Evening.

I am not sure of exact date, around New Year 2015. I experienced a similar sight. Light appeared as a shooting star coming from Lemoore/Hanford towards Visalia. I thought to myself, "make a wish".

It lasted so long I had another thought "record it", but figured by the time I got the phone out it would be gone.

To my surprise, it kept coming at which point I thought I could've recorded it.

It then suddenly made a sharp 90 degree turn towards Los Angeles and zoomed so fast south. It appeared to get there in a handful of seconds it was that fast.

I've seen plenty of shooting stars and random UFO, but nothing ever moved like this, particular sighting in terms of speed and the change in direction.

It was a thrill to see, only problem is the odd looks I get trying to explain what I saw to friends, I understand of course.

Anyone with an experience generally sounds like they are wigging out to close minded people.

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