Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Green UFO Makes V Shape Quickly And Stops And Leaves In The Sky Over West Palm Beach Florida

Date:  January 2015
Time:  Evening.

I saw a UFO while driving west on PGA Blvd toward b line in West Palm Beach, Florida.

It was a bright green dot that seemed to come into earth atmosphere. It looked like a slow falling meteor, very green undeniably so. That was 2 seconds. Then it slowed down dramatically and do a shutter, hard to describe, but like a static shutter.

Then it took off from the shutter stop at remarkable speed. The whole encounter made a V shape (as viewing from my windshield) coming in top left, then stopping, then taking off.

The longest I had visual was while it made the shutter stop. When it took off (lack of better diction) I remained visual for a tenth of a second, maybe. Before disappearing.

Imagine the V in the sky. When I saw it at "\" angle coming towards earth's atmosphere it was moving slow, in relation to a shooting star or meteor. Very fast still in comparison to aircraft.

At the bottom of the V it made the shutter stop before departing with the "/" angle. When it departed it left a green trail, like that you would see of a shooting star. But no trail at the beginning of the slower moving "\" fall.

This was about 6 weeks ago. I said to myself very nonchalantly, "there are other beings in this universe" and didn't think about it for more than another 10 minutes and only thinking how cool it was I saw it.

I told one friend about it, and he thought I was high. Can't blame him, nothing man made would have been able to move that fast and until you see something like this man made is all you know and can comprehend.

The past few days I have a sudden fascinating intrigue with the universe. Contemplating upon myself where in the heck it could have all started. The big bang theory is nothing more than a theory made by a human like me with 2 eyeballs and a brain observing what he sees and drawing conclusions off of it.

For scientists to say they believe in the big bang seems exponentially absurd. It still poses another question even if you could somehow prove that, what was before the big bang?

I picture a white area with a tiny pigment black dot expanding. But where did the white area come from. I haven't slept since I started thinking about it.

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