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Gun Metal Grey Saucer Shaped UFO In The Sky Seen From The Beach At Kihei Maui Hawaii (Written Report/Audio Interview)

Date: July 15, 1973
Time: Approximately 10:00 p.m.

Location: South of Azekas Place on the beach near Little Getty.
Approach Direction: South/west towards Eke Crater.
Departure Direction: North/east coming in 5 miles off the water.
Witness Direction: North/east approximately.

Description: When I first saw the object, I was lying on the beach in my sleeping bag. I looked up and out about 5 or so miles and saw this object a little bigger than a star.

It would be still for a few seconds and then shift to the right then make a beep sound, then wait and then repeat the shift to the right a few more times with a beep sound after each shift.

At this point I closed my eyes for a few seconds and could here inside my head a Morse code type sound pulsating real fast.

Then the object moved quickly towards my right side (north/east) then it hovered slowing turning from right to left just a little as it approached the shoreline. I can't remember where the lights were placed, maybe front, back and middle but it was shaped like an upside-down saucer with a quarter round top.

It went behind the trees and I lost site of the object.

The next morning I talked to a friend that said she was down the beach around the same time I was, and we both interrupted each other to say "I saw a UFO on the beach last night"!

I asked her if she hear the sound from it as it shifted left to right?

She said no, she only heard the little waves breaking on the shore. For about three weeks after that encounter I felt full of a lot of extra energy that I never experienced before.

I play flute and after that encounter my flute playing improved surprisingly, especially my tone quality! I'm still amazed to this day.

Color/Shape: Gun metal grey with the full moon shinning off of it--the shape was of a upside down saucer with a quarter round top half the size of the saucer diameter

Height & Speed: 5-6 miles out and hard to say how high from the water. Hovering speed when it reach the shoreline was approximately 75 to 100 mph.

Thank you to UFOINFO for this report.

The audio interview was done with Brian Vike of The Vike Factor.

Canadian UFO Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: I did a telephone interview with the gentleman who related a couple of sightings from Kihei Maui, Hawaii. The interview is 42.6 mbs in size and is 31 minutes in length.

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