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Lights In The Sky – UFOs Above Goodyear And Waddell Arizona (Pictures)

Date:  January 16, 2013
Time:  Approx: 8:00 p.m.

While driving home from Fry's (on Sarival and Yuma Rd) after work around 8:00 p.m., headed southbound on Canyon Trails (167th Ave) coming towards Lower Buckeye, I saw 4 goldish colored bright lights in a line blinking and hovering slowly in the sky. 

They appeared to be only a few miles away, maybe twice as high as the street lights and slowly moving southwest bound. 
As I got closer to Lower Buckeye and 167th Ave, my fiancé called me to see what I was doing (because I wasn't home from work yet) and I told her I was looking at some very strange lights in the sky, driving towards them and I wanted to get a closer look to figure out what they were. 

She then told me that her father and his girlfriend who live in Waddell (In Cortessa which is around 187th Ave and Olive, near the white tanks), just got off the phone with her and said they saw similar lights in the sky about half an hour before I did, near their home.

They were just as excited as I was, and they got pictures of it.

This was seeming more and more strange to me, especially since my fiancé was telling me this while I was still chasing these lights in my truck.

She asked me where the lights were, and I told her southwest of our house and I would call her back. 

I stopped and got out of my truck in the middle of the road, just slightly west of 167th Ave on Lower Buckeye Rd and started to take pictures of what I was seeing with my phone.

I would have kept driving closer if I could, but they appeared to be fading, and the 4th light to the right of the line disappeared. 

A young man and woman in a newer model car pulled up next to me and the young man got out of the car and said they were chasing the lights as well.

An older woman then pulled up in an older sedan and said, "at least I know I'm not crazy, because I can see other people are seeing this too!" 

A 4th car pulled up next to our group, but no one got out of the vehicle. The 3rd light to the right of the line of lights then faded out and this was when I got the best picture I could with my phone.

I thought the picture was only going to have 2 lights in it, but it ended up having 3. 

At this point myself and 3 other people were all staring at these lights in the sky.

The 2 lights that were left both faded out at the same time. All of this happened in probably less than 5 minutes. 

We all got back in our cars. As the other cars drove away, I saw 3 lights appear again, still slowly hovering further away south bound towards the Estrella mountains. I again tried to follow them, southbound towards Estrella on Cotton ln.

My fiancé called me again and told me that after she talked to me on phone she got in the car and started driving southwest of our neighborhood with my 6 year old son and my 11 year old daughter and they saw the lights as well. 

I tried to chase the lights as far as I could and ended up driving a few miles south of the town of Estrella on Arlington Rd when I lost track of them.

My fiancé said at one point they were driving behind me on Cotton Lane and I didn't even realize it.

 My fiancé and I drove home. I called her father and he said they saw 7 lights in the sky near the White Tank mountains. He said slowly they turned into 4, then 3, than 2, and 1. 
They got some pretty good pictures with their high quality camera, which he sent to me. I sent them mine which only 2 of them came out somewhat okay with my Motorola Droid Razor phone.

The next morning (January 17th, 2013), News Channel 3 had a segment on Good Morning Arizona, where they said alot of people in Surprise, AZ reported similar sightings of strange lights in the sky, and someone sent in a video of the lights that they also showed in the segment.

They also said that they contacted a military rep who stated that there was a very good explanation for the strange lights witnesses saw in the sky, but they can't say why because that information happens to be top secret.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

Also, please feel free to send in your sightings that have happened years ago. So many of these older sightings are nothing short of amazing.

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I saw these lights as well. We live out in Buckeye, AZ and were travelling West on Lower Buckeye Rd. just West of Miller. We stopped on the side of the road to watch, and at least three other vehicles stopped to look at them too. One gentleman I spoke to said that he had called the police and they told him that it was the F 16's dropping flares...but none of us thought that was plausible because it didn't look like the lights were moving at all, and they certainly weren't falling as you would expect flares to do.

mike mckee said...

Im in Baltimore. I have not seen the lights but I have 3 diferent friends who have all witnessed the same phenominea on three differnt occassions in three differnt areas.
Will contact be made soon I wonder?
The gov is doing a good job covering up the sightings.

MilSpouseRN said...

My husband and I just saw these same lights on 5/25/14 around 845pm as we were driving on I10 east toward buckeye!

Anonymous said...

I live in buckeye and these lights are actually a crop duster that goes over my house. They crop dust at night but at first i saw these light and thought the same thing but it happend quite often and one night as i looked up at it, it flew over me and i relized it was a crop duster.