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Disk Shaped UFO With Domes On It And Seen Over Maine United States (Diagrams)

It was the summer of 1977. I was driving my mother’s green 1970 Plymouth Satellite. Some of my high school buddies, Dave Anderson, Mark Pinette, Scott Keiffer, Garard Wark and myself went out for the evening to have some fun.

It was a cool, clear, early evening just before sunset. We were driving down the Grimes Rd., heading towards Fort Fairfield, Maine. Dave Anderson was in the front seat trying to get my attention to look at something hovering over the trees.

Thinking it was nothing, I ignored him. I continued driving down the Grimes Rd., not wanting to take my eyes off the road. because of the dangerous river right beside the road.

It was getting dark and Dave, who was squirming, and acting obviously nervous, asked me to look again. I slowed the car down and looked out the left side of the windshield.

I said it looked like a plane with three lights coming straight towards us, or a car parked on a hill.

There was very little space between the lights and the top of the trees, so I could not see what was underneath. Was it land, or sky ? I picked up speed and headed around the corner.

Suddenly the air in the car was filled with sounds of amazement. “What is that”! “Oh my God” “Oh Man”! I stepped on the gas and said, “this is it boys”.

I flashed my lights on and off as I raced towards the disk shaped vehicle. It was about a eighth of a mile ahead, and about sixty feet off the ground.

The disk had three domes on top, one large dome in the middle, and two smaller domes on the sides.

The whole disk was surrounded by one mist of light with two colors.

The center dome light was blue and the side domes were yellowish white. The lights seemed to mix together, but were also separate.

I stared between the domes to see if the domes were connected or separately mounted on the disk.

What I saw was a space between the domes and I could see stars shining on each side of the domes in the background. The disk also had two small domes on the underside of the craft.

One of the domes had a light shining down on the ground. I compared the size of the disk with a barn that was about four to five hundred feet away.

The object was as large as the roof on the barn. I would guess the vehicle was fifty feet long and fifteen feet tall.

 I remember thinking as I raced toward it, “I believe you beings can read minds. I want to go for a ride with you, take me.”

Suddenly, fear came over me and my bravery quickly left me. 

I let off the gas pedal and stopped flashing the headlights. Suddenly, it shut off the light that was shining on the ground.

It seemed to rotate and, before we knew it, it was moving, it skipped away horizontally, leaving a trail, or tail of light behind it.

The light seemed to stay the same distance off the ground, moving up and down with the contours of the land.

The last I saw of the light trail, it tipped upward and vanished. From the moment the vehicle took off, and left the tail of light a mile long, it was only a matter of two or three seconds, and it was gone.

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