Monday, December 31, 2007

Boca Raton, Florida Disappearing And Appearing Object (Photos)

Posted: December 31, 2007

Date: September 9, 2004 Time: 3:00 p.m.

I saw this on Thursday in S. Fla at 3:00 p.m. I have a six minute video of it on a Sony digital handicam. I witnessed it with a friend. definitely not a plane as it hovered for 5 minutes in one place.

Additional Information:

Thanks for getting back to me Brian. Here are some more details.

The object was moving slowly form my East to the West. The sky was partly cloudy that is why the images seem grey, because I tried to see it close up the clouds were behind it. The object kept disappearing and appearing and I saw it by its distinctive glow or metallic reflection in the sun. It was under where the planes usually fly. There are no military areas anywhere by me. I am close to Boca Raton about 40 miles south of Palm Beach airport and 20 north of Ft Lauderdale airport. The movement was erratic.

First it moved like a plane, just a forward motion then it would reappear further down very fast. The last 4 minutes I was able to see it, had it hovering or moving ever so slightly around the clouds. It appeared orb like and stayed that way throughout. What intrigued me was the way it moved and the intense glow. I watch the skies a lot and this was highly unique. There was no sound, it was around 2 miles away (just a gestimation)maybe 10,000ft high and again had a silvery color with and intense reflection or internal glow. There were other planes flying by this thing which helped my perspective and adding to the mystery of what it could be. I am basically sharing this with you in the hopes someone else in my area saw it. I am very confident it wasn't a conventional craft, plane, rocket etc, but it is a UFO for now, because I can't identify it. That doesn't make it an ET craft either, but it was fun to watch to say the least.

Thanks for listening.

Pictures can be seen at:

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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