Monday, December 31, 2007

Portales, New Mexico Witness Catches Unusual Object

Posted: December 31, 2007

Date: July 18, 2004 Time: Around 8:51 p.m.

Your welcome for the info. My Dad was a firm believer that we are not alone and it rubbed off on me so I find the subject very interesting. Attached are the pictures that I took 2 years ago. I did not witness lights, but a single light. It was early evening in July. The pictures are dated on the 18th around 8:51. There was a normal summer thunderstorm in the distance and it was cloudy with bits of lightning to the east. I was standing in my doorway facing south enjoying the view of the setting sunlight coupled with the colors of the storm clouds. Off on the horizon I saw a bright red light which I thought might have been a helicopter from the hospital or a low flying plane from Cannon AFB.

The wind was pretty calm and it was a pretty quiet evening so I was waiting for the tell tale sounds to come to me. As I watched the light flying what seemed pretty low fly across the horizon from west going east I never heard anything. After the straight flight I watch it seemed to stop. Being that seeing planes flying around I figured the plane had just turned towards me and that's why it seemed to stop. Well I watched the light for an estimated 10 minutes and it never moved but then it seemed to go a little higher. Since the thing never blinked and didn't seem to move or anything I remembered my new camera and decided to try to take pictures of it. The first few pictures I took with a flash and the object was not visible so I turned off the flash and tried to hold my camera steady enough to take the pictures I have. They did not turn out good enough for anyone I showed to make anything of it. The streaking effect in the pictures is because of the combination of my unsteady hands and my camera zoomed to the max. When you turn the flash off on the camera you have to stay very still for the picture to come out right. But you can see that it was a bright red light. As I started to snap the pictures the light slowly faded until I could not see it anymore.

Also my batteries died so I could not take any more pictures. I showed a friend who was working soon after and she could not figure out what I had pictures of and I also showed a police officer who was there and he also could not explain it. Well the thing never blinked, never made any noise and never had a recognizable shape other than a ball of light. The total time I watched the light is around 11 or 12 minutes. To this day nobody really believes me but I still show the pictures.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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