Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodyear, Arizona String Of Lights Chased By Military Jets

Posted: December 31, 2007

Date: June 14, 2004 (Believe the 14th) Time: Evening

HBCC UFO Research Note: I telephoned these folks and they gave me a good description of the event. The witness told me he had pushed his vehicle to a high rate of speed to see if he could gain on the sting of lights, but the lights were moving far to quickly and he made no progress on closing the distance between the lights and his vehicle. He also said there were without question a number of jet aircraft that were trying to catch whatever it was flying that night. It is an interesting sighting, and audio report.

Message: Both my husband and myself saw the lights in June 2004. We were living in Litchfield Park at the time,coming home from Bashas on Dysart. We saw a string of lights over Goodyear near the 10 highway, we followed them but once we got on the 10 they could not follow them anymore. It looked like the lights were going to the Nuclear power plant. The jets from Luke AFB were chasing the lights, it is odd because the afterburners on the jets continued burning way past the AFB base property, not one or two jet but all 6-10 of them.

We are having problems trying to watch the video of the sighting. Any help would be appreciated. We would like a keepsake since were are back in New Jersey.

Thank you to the witnesses for the report, and the great audio report.

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