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New York City's Central Park UFO

Posted: December 31, 2007

Date: June 20, 2004 Time: Daytime Sighting

Hi Brian: Here are the UFO photos (vidcaps) taken from the few seconds of video that I shot on June 20, 2004 while in New York City's Central Park. The day started great when I and my wife decided to go for a walk and the minute we stepped out on to the street from our apartment building I looked up, as I've trained myself to do, and saw a UFO flying due East and visible between clouds; a good portent of things to come. Even though I had my digital camcorder with me I was so excited that I forgot to use it! While in Central Park I went to Belvedere "Castle" which is really a weather station but looks like a medieval castle and allows a wide view of "The Great Lawn" and the buildings along the west and east avenues of Central Park and north of 110th Street. I started videotaping distant airplanes for reference and to improve my handling of the camcorder when using its 20X optical zoom at maximum. I was shooting from the rock stairs that overlook "Turtle Pond" and the "Delacorte Theatre."

Looking northeast I could see airplanes ascending from LaGuardia Airport and visible just over the top of the distant apartment buildings. I started shooting with an overall view of the visible foreground area of the park in front of me and zoomed in on an airplane that had just become into visible above the buildings on the east side of 5th Avenue. I did not zoom in on the plane but the area into which the airplane was going to fly into as it ascended. At the same time I zoomed in and grabbed a few seconds of video of the airplane, I lost my footing on the stairs and started to topple forward. I don't remember now if I was aware of the white spot that would eventually become identified as a UFO, but looking at the video I must have been aware of it since when I did get my balance back I started looking for the white spot and passed by it without realizing it.

The reason I couldn't find the UFO again with my eye looking through the viewfinder (which is my preferred method of videotaping) but the camcorder did get, has to do with I consider a big problem that some video-graphers have to deal with and that is the resolution of the camcorder's color viewfinder. The built-in monitor may have more resolution than the viewfinder but I don't think it's still good enough to show such small details as the white spot identified as a UFO. In the first overall-scene photo you cannot see the white spot which as you can see in the close-up photos is a real UFO.

I've had to return earlier camcorders because of this same viewfinder resolution problem when I tried videotaping a balloon and couldn't see the balloon in the viewfinder even though I could see it with my naked eyes and hunted all over the sky and gave up. That camcorder did not have a monitor. And since in the above Central Park situation I didn't know that I was going to include a UFO in my "practice" shooting, I could not have relied on the monitor screen.

I'm sorry to say that after the above incident I had two other UFO sightings that would have been impressive if I hadn't, first, run into technical problem, and not having the camcorder with me for the second and long-lasting sighting that drew the attention of other passersby after they noticed me craning my neck for what had to be about 5 minutes!

Re: the photos below:

#1 - Overall view. The UFO will become visible above and between the two buildings in the center of the photo.

#2 - Close-up of the center buildings with the UFO just becoming visible in the clouds.

#3, #4, #5 - Various similar scenes removing all doubt about the reality of a UFO.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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