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Westchester, New York Couple Has Encounter - Missing Time

Posted: December 30, 2007

Date: December 19, 1990

HBCC UFO Research Note: The couple who went through this unusual and frightening experience ended up with bad burn on the ladies wrist and the fellow a triangular burn on his neck. It certainly appears that this is another case of Missing Time. On a side note from this experience below. I took a phone call from a lady early this morning who resides in Pennsylvania. Her family has been going through a great ordeal, trying to deal with once again, alien contact. It is so bad that this woman is exhausted. Her young son is experiencing alot as we speak, so I took her personal information and asked her if I could send it along to a good abduction investigator, she did agree and I called the investigator this morning straight away and he will be contacting this family. They are looking for help with all that is happening.

I would also like to give a special thank you to the folks who write into me with these types of experiences. Each letter I receive of this type helps out someone else, who is or has gone through similar events. Just knowing there are others out there who have experienced these very unusual and strange events, lets them know they are not alone in all of this.

Thank you to everyone, Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Hello Brian, I have just read your story "White Spheres & Missing time" and I thought I should write you. The person telling the story asks if there is anyone else who has had this "problem" so that he might feel less alone.

Well, there is and here goes.

I have told this story to friends and family for about 16 years now. I will never forget it. It is not the only instance I have had with this phenomena by any means (since I have had involvement with it since I was 8 years old, multiple times. I am now 38) but this particular incident that I will relate is so incredibly similar to the story I just read that it is absolutely uncanny! When I read your article to my mother whom actually had a part in my incident that I am about to tell you about all those years ago, she agreed I had to write you.

As a little aside note before I begin the story that directly relates to the article in question. I went to Ithaca college from 1986 to 1990 and Graduated with a BA in Psychology. I mention this because while at school there were many UFO sightings in that town and it is in the finger lakes region of NY where the person who related the article is from. In fact I had some experiences while at college involving this phenomena and I even have the actual news clipping still to this day from the local paper when all the lights were seen in the town. I too moved to FL after what happened but go back and forth to NY on a continuous basis since.

Moving on:

December 19th, 1990. Westchester New York.

I had my girl friend at the time over to my house in the evening. I was living with my parents still, having just graduated from college that previous May.

My parent's house has two out buildings aside from the main house. One is what we refer to as the "barn" although this is just a two bedroom one bath apartment with a living room and deck above a one car garage. The building stands alone and is not attached to anything. This building sits approximately. 100 yards from the main house down the lawn. There is a pool and a pool house with a two car garage and an entertainment room on the second floor above that garage between the "barn" and the main house. The property backs up to a nature conservancy that is probably thousands of acres. The property is 5 acres and there is a neighbor on either side of the property but they are not visible due to the distance involved and trees. The property fronts onto and sits parallel to a main road. I go through this description of the property because it is important to the story.

The night of December 19th 1990 turned into a bad stormy night with sleet coming down. For this reason I asked my parents if I could have my girlfriend stay down in the "barn" with me because it would be very dangerous to drive her home . My parents thought that was a good idea and that was what occurred.

At 11:30pm we (my girlfriend and I) stopped watching TV at the main house and decided to make our way down to the barn to go to bed. As a quick note; I want to point out that my girlfriend had no jewelry on and was only wearing a white T shirt under her heavy Jacket. I know that is nuts for winter but what can I say, it is what she had on. Also, we had not had any alcohol what so ever. I really shouldn't have to say it since I don't do any drugs but none were involved at all either.

So, we walk outside and make the journey down the lawn to the barn in the sleet. The barn has an elaborate security system with motion detectors, low temperature signals, smoke detectors, door contacts, window contacts, you name it. It was monitored then but now days we do not bother to have it monitored since the building is now hardly ever used.

I disabled the security system when we walked in but for some odd reason I did not arm it again once we were inside. My girlfriend walked up the stairs in front of me and about half way up the stairs she turned to me out of the blue in a funny kind of way with no other conversation at hand and just said "wouldn't it be neat if we got abducted by aliens tonight?" I looked at her in utter disbelief, like where in the world did that just come from? I said "No, and shut up".

Literally those were my words. You must understand, "aliens" were not part of any conversation we had that day, that week, that month, never! It was not part of something we saw on TV, nothing! Where that comment came from, I have no idea! It was probably the very furthest thing from our minds! Heck, I was a 22 year old guy going to be spending a stormy winter night alone with my 19 year old girl friend, I was not thinking about aliens!

I think most people might leave such a detail out of a story like this because it sounds so nuts but I want to relate exactly what I recall. And like what the guy said who wrote the article I am responding to, I am not a nut. I invest in real estate for a living, run several of my companies, I am college educated, come from a good family, and I seek no publicity or monetary reward what so ever from what I am relating to you. In fact, if I could be more anonymous I would. Unfortunately, what I am relating to you absolutely happened.

So, we go upstairs and get into bed. It is only a single bed that has a window at its head, so it was cramped but I did not mind.

We had left the main house no later that 11:30 or 11:35pm. The walk down the lawn and up into the barn and then getting into bed could have taken no longer than 10 minutes tops. We actually rushed down the lawn and into the barn because of the cold and all of the sleet.

We were in bed no more than an additional 10 or 15 minutes when the room lit up with a blue white light. Exactly as fast as if someone had used a flash bulb on a camera. The only difference was the bluish quality to the light, it was not just white light. It briefly lit the entire room like it was day. It was very bright. But it was back to darkness in a second or two. It was very quick. I turned to my girlfriend who had been lying on her stomach looking toward the window and I said "what was that?" "That was strange". She said in a very puzzled voice, "a white ball of light just went by the window". I had not seen this because I was just on my back looking into the room and she was sort of looking at the window area behind the bed because she was on her stomach. Our heads were at the window basically and our feet were pointing into the room.

She proceeded to say that a ball of white light the size of a basket ball went zipping by the window. I asked her if she was sure it was not a car headlight from the road or something? She said no way! We both looked out the window and tried to figure out what it was. I think we said some stuff back and forth like it could not have been from the road since where the road was and we were so far back from it etc. Plus, why had that not ever happened before if it was a car and some must have gone by other than what would create that light. We quickly realized that this was something very odd that had just happened.

I think we must have been speaking about it for only 2 or maybe 3 minutes when what happened to me next was as best I can describe as a panic attack. I have never had such a thing before or since but what happened to me then was just pure terror. From what my girl friend has told me and what I remember, I sort of sat up and backed up against the wall in bed and my breath got quick. I remember just being so panicked and she could hear it in my voice when I then told her that "we have to get out of here!" I repeated that several times and she started getting mad and frustrated with me asking me what was the matter. I said that I wanted to take her home right away and we have to get out of there. I had no specific thing I was afraid of, I did not know what in fact I was fearful of, I just knew I did not want to be there in a big way.

I was able to convince her in about another 1 or so to let me take her home. I said I was going to go outside and see if it was still sleeting out and if it was less then I was going to take her home. I do not know why I wanted to go outside but I did. In retrospect it seems foolish. I remember going down stairs and outside and looking up. The sleet was easing up and when I got outside I felt very calm. There was nothing outside in the sky and I thought to myself what a fool I had been to be afraid. It was a quiet winter's night and I was insane to be scared, so, I was now willing to stay there. It was amazing though, as I look back, it was an immediate lifting of the fear I had had not 30 seconds prior. I was so afraid while upstairs that I was actually looking at the window thinking I could jump through it and be ok since we were only on the second floor. And now, I felt fine. Very odd.

So, I remember my girlfriend just yelling for me from upstairs and I was like alright, alright, I just , just stepped outside for two seconds, I'll be right up! So, I go inside and now I arm the security system whereas I had not done so before. I go upstairs and explain to my girlfriend that all is OK and I feel fine and I am sorry for upsetting her with all this. I said we can stay there, I felt fine to do that. She said good and we both got back in bed.

We had shut off the light and I had closed my eyes literally not more than 15 seconds when my girlfriend did like a sit up in bed screaming, literally screaming while crying, while shaking her hands in front of her saying, "they're touching me!" "They're touching me!"

Simultaneously, as she is doing this, I am falling out of bed startled to my core while saying "we are outta here!" While at the same time turning on the light next to the bed. I was out of bed, with the light turned on, and sprinting to the living room in order to turn off the security system in like 2 seconds flat. I think I was able to get across the living room, punch off the security, and get back to the bedroom in world record time. As I got back to the bed I see my girlfriend's eyes roll white and she is passing out while she slumps over to her side and I have to catch her from falling out of bed. I prop her up immediately and she is semi conscious and she is balling and is making a motion with one hand's fingers tapping the on her other wrist saying "their white little hands are touching me." she was saying this over and over but she was just out of it, like in a daze of some kind, not fully conscious.

I managed to get my pants and shoes on while helping her to do the same although she was not all there. I helped her down the stairs and had to help her kind of walk up the lawn to the main house. We got to the main house and all along I was assuring her that everything was ok but she was crying and crying and asking me "what happened, what happened"? I was saying I don't know but we are ok.

We got to the main house, I punched off that security system and we went inside. As I walked my girlfriend into our living room I noticed that my cat was outside. This was very odd in that my mother always got him in at night, especially in the winter and in such a storm as was that evening. And as I walk by the window where I can see him with my girlfriend hanging on me for physical support, still sobbing, I notice something very odd about the cat. The cat is standing on all fours with the top of his head pushed up against this pillar we have on our porch.

So, I walk my girlfriend over to our living room couch and I say I have to get the cat. I sit her down and while sobbing she puts her right wrist (as I recall) up toward me and says, look at my wrist, "what happened?" "what happened?" I looked at her wrist and the best way I could describe what it looked like was as if someone had fought hard against a rope while being restrained by it leaving a mark that was just about as wide as a watch band. It was all the way around her wrist. Remember, she had zero jewelry on that night, not even rings as I recall.

There was this strange red band around her entire wrist that had some blistering to it and it was more pronounced on the side of the wrist that was closer to the pinky finger rather than the thumb. This burn or whatever it was lasted an entire week after this event and everyone saw it. Family, friends, etc. During this entire exchange on the couch in the living room she continually made the motion with her fingers to her wrist with the burn on it like as one would tap one's fingers in succession over and over again while she cried and said "they" touched her with their white fingers. It was unreal!

So, I was dumbfounded and I kept telling her that I did not know what happened but whatever it was it was over and we were ok. I told her that I had to go let the cat in and I left her on the couch. The entire couch discussion I just related lasted maybe one minute or so before said I had to get the cat.

I go into the other room and the cat is strangely still propped up against the outside pillar, with the top of his head touching the pillar (so weird), just as I had seen him a minute or two ago. I tapped on the window and said his name. He would not budge, it was like he was frozen or something. Then I moved around the corner into the kitchen to a door so I could let him in and I again tapped on the glass of that door. Still nothing, so I opened the door and called his name. Nothing. Also, you have to understand that the cat had a basket outside that he always curled up in IF he was outside. He was never outside on nights like this but since he was, at the very least he should have been in that basket.

It was very odd. Then I actually went out on the porch and stood over him and it was exactly like a movie, as if he was in some kind of trance or suspended animation or something. I stood over the darn cat and called his name and there was no response! Only when I grabbed him and shook him did he come to and it was like he was totally confused as to where he was and he was very angry. He scratched my leg and bolted inside. He took off into some part of the house and I did not see him until the next day. He died six months later if I recall correctly. It was not too long after this anyhow if I am not spot on about the 6 months. It was notable to me that he got ill after that night, not too long after and then he died about a few months after that.

Then I went back in to the living room where I had left my girlfriend and she was semi conscious only. Still crying. Mumbling to herself. But she was a bit calmer, better, than before. Please know that the time frames we are dealing with are such that my estimation of the events would put that moment that I got back into that living room at no more than 10 minutes max since we left the barn and walked up the lawn to the house. I got the cat in after only a brief chat on the couch with my girlfriend.

So, I look at the clock on the VCR over the TV and it says 4:30am as I recall! I had my girlfriend look at a it and I said that can't be! She sort of acknowledged what I was saying but again, she was kind of out of it. If you had asked me what time it was I would have said no later than 12:30am , 1am absolute max if all my time estimations were wrong. If I was wrong 5 or 10 minutes here and there, even still, it could NOT be later than 1:00 am! It couldn't! That was so disturbing!

At that point I felt like I had to go to the bathroom bad and I felt this burning on the left side of my neck. Like a sun burn. So, I left my girlfriend on the couch since she was out of it anyway and kind of falling asleep by then and I went up stairs to the bathroom. The bathroom is near my mother's bedroom in the hall. I got into the bathroom and after I peed I sort of turned and looked in the mirror to try and see what was up with my neck. I could not see very well because what ever was wrong was so far around the side of my neck where my shoulder meets the neck on my left side that I had to pull the skin a bit to see where it hurt. What I did see was this maroon mark the size of a quarter or possibly a half dollar. It was a very strange maroon color and it was in the skin , not on it like a burn.

I went down stairs to show my girlfriend and I tried to wake her to see this thing and I only got her half awake to see it and then she fell back asleep. I kept looking at that clock and I was so puzzled about what had happened.

My neck was burning quite a bit so I went up stairs to take another look while my girlfriend was just useless on the couch. I could not keep her awake.

When I went back up stairs my mother woke up and she called to me because it was strange that I was there at that hour when I was supposed to be in the barn.

I went into her room, she confirmed what time it was, the VCR down stairs was not wrong, and then I related this entire story to her 3 times over in immediate succession. She then looked at me strangely, as if she did not believe a word. She said, "let me see your neck" in a completely skeptical way. I went over to her bed and I pulled my shirt aside to show her where it hurt and where I saw the marks. With that I saw her face change and she had a look of strong surprise and concern. I said "what?" "what?"...Then she gasped and said, with hesitation, "you have a perfect red triangle mark in your neck!" I tried to get her to take a picture of it but for some reason she was against that. Very much so. She kept sort of gasping and putting her hand to her mouth and saying , "let me see that again". It was really unnerving.

My mom went back to sleep and I then went down stairs again after talking with my mom for the 10 minutes or so and I thought at the very least I would write everything about the night I could recall down on a piece of paper.

So, I found a yellow note pad in the room next to the living room and I wrote down every detail about the night that I could recall. I remember it took up about one full page. It was just notes, line by line, times included. I was on the couch next to my sleeping girlfriend when I did this and I think I finished at about 5:00 am or a little after and I put it on the coffee table that was right in front of me and next to the couch. It was an entire note pad and the pen , not just one sheet of paper .I lay down next to my girlfriend on the couch and I could literally touch the note pad as I lay there, that is how close it was to me. I woke up at 7:00 am or so in the morning, only about two hours later.

No one in the house was up yet, I just could not sleep and only had fallen asleep at 5:00 am out of pure exhaustion. The note pad was not in front of me nor was the pen I used to make the notes. I must stress that my mother was in her bed still. My father was in his, as they slept in separate rooms, and I had an older brother on the third floor of the house who was also still in his bed. I never found that note pad or pen and I sure looked. No one was up in the house to have moved it. I was the first one up and my girlfriend was behind me on the couch the entire time I slept. There is no way she could have gotten off that couch without waking me. Plus, she said she knew nothing about a pad of paper or a pen. In my opinion, even being so tired I think I would have woken up if someone got that near to me and took that. It was so close to me, It was so weird. I asked everyone about it that morning when everyone did get up and everyone said they had no idea about a pad of paper like I described. It is a complete mystery what happened to that pad!

That morning I told my father and my brother my story and everyone saw my girlfriend's wrist. They were all a bit shocked. My brother and father said they had "bad dreams" that night.

The Triangle mark on/in my shoulder/neck was completely gone by around 8 am when everyone started moving in the house. I only have my mother who saw it and she will swear to this day as to what she saw.

My girlfriend recalls me showing her something to do with my neck but she was so out of it when she was on the couch she says she could hardly remember even getting in the house after everything happened. She does not like to talk about this incident to this day, it really bothers her. Her wrist thing lasted about one week and everybody saw that.

I keep in touch with my girlfriend to this day. She is married with two kids but she has tremendous panic attacks now just about everything. So much so that she has seen several doctors about it. We both think it is related in some way to that night.

That is the end of that particular incident. That is all I remember of it. I have a vague recollection or "thought" regarding some movement or sounds of movement in the barn just before the light flash occurred but I am not sure about that memory totally, the rest I am very sure about.

I have had other events that could be characterized as of this nature, one that is very odd and even involving that same location only with my now current girlfriend. That was not even 2 years ago actually, but the event I just described to you had so many similarities to the article you wrote that I just had to relate this to you.

Thank you,

Thank you to the witness for the very interesting report.

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