Monday, December 31, 2007

Portland, Oregon Odd Cloud

Posted: December 31, 2007

Date: October 27, 2004 Time; 6:07 p.m.

To Brian Vike, I have not had much contact with you recently, so I thought I'd take time to show you a picture that I took while driving home from work today, 10-27-04, at 6:07 pm local time. It was taken from my slow moving car with the window rolled down, 1/50th second exposure, f3.5, iso 50, optically zoomed to about 6x normal viewing, about 230mm lens equivalent. The picture is nothing very special, it is dim due to waning daylight and focus is not that good. I am looking almost due north in the photo.

The sky was very nearly cloudless at this particular time. The photo center area shows an odd cloud which had moments earlier appeared as a "new" cloud with very crisply defined edges, unlike any "naturally formed" clouds that I am familiar with, and so I wanted to photograph it. The color of the cloud was very blue also.

I was careful to notice if any birds or planes were in the shot. There were none. I must add that I am several hundred feet up in the air on a high bridge crossing a large river. There is part of a blurred cyclone fence rail in the lower foreground, that was adjacent to the road I was travelling on.

The three dark inclusions that you see were not directly visible, but I could almost feel their presence, and I know that sounds odd, but it is true.

The picture I email with this note is straight from the camera. I have looked at it with increased contrast & brightness, and also with a solarizing filter applied, and there is a definite aura surrounding each of these dark spots, colored green with the solarizing filter.

What a coincidence that Jeff Rense has an article about fluorine/fluoride on his website today written by Jim Phelps. I wonder if these objects are surrounded by an aura of fluorine gases, among some others. Sure makes you stop and think about it.

Thank you to the person for sending the report.

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