Sunday, December 30, 2007

South East Bloomington, Indiana Bright Orange Ball Hovering

Posted: December 30, 2007

Date: Late 1990's Time: Between 11:00 p.m. -1:00 a.m.

It was cloudy and cold out on this day. this footage was taken by John Tosti with his friend around the late 90's, John and his friend were traveling over to another friends house to have a get together with friends. As they topped a hill on Dillman Rd. John looked over the top of Bloomington and noticed a bright orange ball hovering near a cell/radio tower, they elected to turn around and give chase to get a better look at what this might be, as they got to a road named Moffet Ln. They noticed it hovering stationary, beside the tower, John jumped out of the car with his camera and tried to catch it on video as best as he could, but by the time he exited the vehicle with his video camera the object vanished from sight.

The driver was watching the object as it disappeared and kept looking in the direction of the object, as john got back in the car the same object re-appeared higher in the sky and further east from its last position. The object started to move NE of where they were sitting, they gave chase to see if they could get closer to get a better look at the object as they pulled on to Snoddy Rd. the object was stationary directly in front of them, John turned his camera on and started to film the object, the driver started to flash his headlights at the object to see if he could get a response. As John was filming he seen an object with a strange shape, he really didn’t know what he was witnessing, as he kept filming he noticed the object changing shape, John kept filming to do*****ent it, after a few minutes the object started to dim and move NE from Snoddy Rd. When John and his friend arrived at the get together, John hooked the camera up to the VCR to review what they had captured earlier. As him and his friends watched the footage they were amazed of what John and his friend had witnessed.

A few weeks later a UFO researcher analyzed the video footage and came to the conclusion that this was not just one object but two objects, joining together to become one object (or docking). After close review of the video tape John agreed with the UFO researcher on his findings. This is the first time John has ever filmed two objects docking together in mid-air. There is more footage of this object that can soon be viewed on our site.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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