Monday, December 31, 2007

Over Long Island Sound Numerous Objects Traveling In A Triangular Formation

Posted: December 31, 2007

Date: August 2004 Time: 10:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. - 3 consecutive nights.

Number of witnesses: 4 Number of objects: 40 +/- Shape of objects: Triangular

Full Description of event/sighting: I am a business consultant with an MBA and at the time was on vacation, renting a beach house on the Connecticut shore. My 14-yr-old nephew and my 18 yr-old babysitter saw UFOs first. I arrived home with my 22 yr-old niece at about 10:30 pm on 8/25 and they were excited, having seen about 10 "sparkling" objects flying in the sky above Long Island Sound.

As I spoke with them about it, several more appeared in the sky, and by midnight we had seen approximately 40 of them. They would fly from over the ocean to inland, all in the same direction, approx. SE to NE. Several of these objects would fly in triangle or trapezoid patterns and looked to deliberately fly close and then closely cross each other's flight paths. At times, they looked like they might crash. Two flew very low over our heads and we could see the bottom of one. It looked like a triangle with a light at each point. When the objects flew over, a low flying helicopter appeared and at first appeared to follow one of the objects, but then continued straight on its path, away from the object.

During this 2 hour period, there was a very low "planet" sitting over the water. It was motionless, large, shiny and sparkled red, blue, green and white. At 11:50, it stopped sparkling, dimmed and flew off in the direction of the other objects. None of these objects made any noise - all were completely silent.

The next night we sat out at 10:15 pm to see if we'd see them again and did. We saw approximately 30 "sparklers" flying in the same direction as the previous night and behaving the same way as had the others.

We also sat out last night and saw approximately 10 "sparklers" - same MO.

I contacted an Air Force office in New Haven (a number I received from 411) and they said there were no bases in CT, Montauk was not being used (closest military base to us, although it was closed decades ago), they were not flying over Madison, Ct and the objects "were not ours."

We will sit out tonight to see if any more of these strange objects appear.

Post Script: Also: On the second night, a large bright white object appeared low in the sky over the water, arced directly down towards the water and disappeared.

Thank you to the witness for his report.

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