Monday, December 31, 2007

Phoenix/Estrella Lights Return Yet Again

Posted: December 31, 2007

Date: September 26, 2004 Time: 7:20 p.m.

The Phoenix/Estrella lights popped up on the 26th @ 7:20p.m. and Rob Kritkausky and myself recorded it from 35 miles apart for about 10 minutes. A couple of colorful lights were stationary forming a triangle. Looked like the object(s) were scanning the area. Like the triangle hovered and rotated with the lights stationary or fixed in the triangular formation. Very cool to watch and record. There were some other objects that I recorded a few hours earlier and after that were even more amazing. I will send when you are ready for it. Hovering objects that take off at unbelievable speeds from a standstill. This was a first for me to see and record. Super exciting.

Thank you to the witness for the report, footage and pictures.

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