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Lake City, Washington Three Distinct Elliptical Objects

Posted: December 30, 2007

Date: Winter of '89-'90 Time: Between 10:00 p.m. & 1:00 a.m.

Number of witnesses: 1+1 Number of objects: 3 Shape of objects: Elliptical

Full Description of event/sighting: I had just gone outside to smoke a cigarette, and glanced upwards towards something I thought was a movement in the night sky. I observed 3 lights that were moving north at what I'd guess to be around 5k to 10k feet in altitude . These lights were spaced equally in a triangle shape and seemed to me to be far too widely spaced to be a normal aircraft. I'd estimate the speed of the lights to be around 300 to 400 M.P.H. I though that perhaps they were three separate aircraft.

The weather was cold, with gusty winds about 10 - 20 M.P.H., and there were patchy low clouds occasionally scudding by at approx. 200 to 400 feet.

I watched the lights make a quick 45 degree left turn just before I lost sight of them behind some low clouds. Less than 10 seconds later, I observed 3 distinct elliptical objects less than a half-mile away, flying at under 500 feet in a 'delta' formation . They were flying ESE at approx. 40 to 55 M.P.H., and were in clear line-of-sight to me.

I was surprised by their appearance, they were flying in very close proximity to each other and were a light-greyish color that was very close to the color & light intensity of the low clouds ( the clouds were 'lit' by ambient ground lighting - streetlights, traffic, billboards, etc. ).

These three objects suddenly banked hard to their left, in precise unison, changed their altitude to approx. 200 ft. and assumed a course to the NNE . When they changed course, they also accelerated in an unusual manner that I'd not seen before. It appeared as if the acceleration was instantaneous, from 50 M.P.H. to 300 M.P.H. in zero seconds, as it were. I lost sight of them, as my house came between me and their flight path.

I trotted towards my back yard to re-acquire visual contact with them and watched as they appeared to take yet another "jump" in speed, as these three objects gained altitude. It was at this time that I thought of taking note of the time & started the stopwatch function on my wris*****ch. I watched as they performed another whip-quick banking maneuver, this time heading towards the WSW at around 10k to 12k feet in altitude.

I lost sight of them and stood in the darkness of my driveway, scanning the sky for a little more than 60 seconds (stopwatch was still running ). All of a sudden, I see ( & hear ) 2 bright red afterburners 'fire up', heading towards the WSW ! It was a fighter aircraft, but I couldn't tell you what type/model, as all that I saw was it's rear-end moving away as fast as it could, from at least a mile and a half distance at night.

I knew I'd seen something unusual. I went inside my house & called the Boeing Field air-traffic control tower and spoke to an air controller. I had my girlfriend hold her ear to the phone ( so she'd know that I was not telling her a B.S. story ) as I asked him if anyone had just reported any unusual aircraft in the area, and he said that no one had. I told him that I'd seen something unusual and told him the direction I'd last seen them heading towards. He said he'd check another screen and said that there were 3 aircraft over Greys Harbor that were giving him identification ( transponders ) as helicopters. I asked him if they were flying in formation, and he said (quote) "There seems to be a leader". It was at this moment that I checked my stopwatch and pushed the button to stop it. I asked him " So , what do we do about this ? Who do we report this to ?", to which he responded only in silence. I then thanked him for his help and hung up the phone.

I dug out a large state map and a ruler and did a Time/Speed/Distance calculation ( and checked it four times ) which came up with the result that these three objects would have had to have an average speed of 3256 to 3645 M.P.H. to have gotten that far in that much time.

These objects, at their closest to me (approx. 250 to 300 ft.) were silent - no wind sound, no airframe noise, no nothing. There were no individual lights that I could see, and were no markings. The outer edges of these objects appeared to be somewhat indistinct and almost 'hazy', although they were clearly defined. All three objects , for lack of a better description, seemed as if they were lit from within, since their luminosity was uniform and without shadowing.

It was a very clear view that I had that night, and pretty close too.

I've seen many different 'choppers' in all kinds of weather, with their rotors vaporizing humidity in the air at night & presenting an illusion of an elliptical "something", when viewed in 'proper' lighting, at the proper distance and angle.

I am certain that these 3 elliptical objects were not any type of conventional aircraft.

Thank you to the witness for the excellent report.

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