Monday, December 31, 2007

Livermore, California Object Witnessed Close To The Lawrence Livermore National

Posted: December 31, 2007

Date: 2004 or 2005 ? Time: Around 4:00 - 6:00 a.m.

Message: I have a sighting to report. There are details I must leave out for my own protection, but one morning before the sun was up, around 4-6 am with two of my friends in Livermore, California. About a year ago we had all been walking to the store for cigarettes (I don't smoke, but my friends do, so I came). There, in the middle of the sky was this huge light. My friend says, "Dude, check out this huge light!" At first, I wasn't too shocked, as I'd seen lots of stuff in the sky before and nothing ever really impressed me. But sure enough, as I examine closely, this was something out of the ordinary.

It was much too bright to be a star or a planet, and definitely too bright to be an airplane, although, at closer examination it was made of several lights. Actually, I remember it rising up, which made me think it might be a plane, but then once it got high enough, it just stopped and stood there. I could see the lights spiraling around like fingers, like laser rays almost rotating in different circular patterns around a center. I remember the colors being all very different, but I remember specifically white laser ray lights and a red light that appeared to be on the centerpiece. I say to myself, "Wow, this is surely nothing I've ever seen before!" and I kept my eyes on it, to make sure it didn't disappear.

We walked home and then sat on the my friend's lawn to continue watching this crazy light. And so we watch, and we watch, and it doesn't go anywhere for about an hour or so, and then there is this other craft launched up in an almost identical pattern to the first. This one, however, doesn't stop moving and it actually comes right at us, which was kind of scary, but my curiosity intrigued me and I stood there, watching. As it drew closer, (the sun was starting to rise by now) I began to make out more specific lights, similar to that of an airplane. But something was really weird about this airplane, in that the lights seemed to have an arc to them as the approached, I remember the trails vividly.

It got the point that it was flying right over us, but appeared to be moving too slow, almost unreal like. I felt like it was just an image of an airplane pasted over something else, like a cloaking device. It flew over us, and then went beyond and out of sight, while the other spiraling light just sat there, in the same place it had came to a stop. We don't have any cameras so we just keep watching it, but even the most fascinating firework/light display looking thing can become boring, if it just sits there spiraling doing the same thing and I was tired anyways, so eventually we went inside.

I remember peeking back out the window every 20 minutes or so, whenever I could remember, and sure enough, the light stayed there in the sky for a few hours. As soon as it was about daytime, and neighbors and people were getting up and starting stirring about, I checked again, but the light was gone. What do I make of this: well, I sure as hell have never seen anything like that in my life before and I am telling you the honest truth whether you believe it or not, I saw this light just chilling in the sky, spiraling these laser things around it, for hours!

I feel like the plane was a diversion, but also maybe an intelligence gathering vehicle sent after us to get data or something, as if the UFO could detect our awareness of it. This was in Livermore, California, as well, which is home of LLNL: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the biggest government facility on the west coast, and it appeared to be hovering over what was the direction towards the huge laboratory (it's a small city, really). And so, I believe the government and UFOs are probably related because they are the same thing, and this makes sense that the thing that probably created us and that would be developing our consciousness' awareness on a universal level would play the overseer via the mask of the government. It sounds like the story of god and the devil: Lucifer is the 'illuminated one', the brightest angel and is therefore given the hardest task, to hurt those he loves and act as temptation in order to cultivate mankind's love consciousness (someone's got to do it).

On a societal level, is the government not keeping us down, like Lucifer, chaining us to an unevolving awareness based on assumptions of our own shortcomings (thus enforcing them)? If there were no need for laws, if people could actually rise to the point where we didn't hurt each other, would there be a need for this? And so, I feel that is why the government and the UFOs or aliens are tied together, because in the raising of humanity's universal awareness there are no real bad guys, just people to tick off until we are motivated to prove ourselves and get our act together. Above all, I believe that if aliens or UFOs or angels exist at all, it should more than anything serve as a reminder, inspiration, and motivator for us to gain control over self-destructive nature and build our own planetary consciousness so that we might communicate at their level. Anyone interested in communicating with me, please feel free to email. Thanks for your time, and universal peace, love, and harmony unto all.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

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