Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bright Red Object Moving Across The Sky Over Marion Indiana

Date:  July 8, 2012
Time:  Approx: Mid night.
Hello. My name is (name removed). I saw something in the sky tonight and came online to search and see if anyone has seen the same. I came across your October 2010 and April 2012 postings, so I thought I would tell you then and continue to search. 
It's Saturday night July 8th, 2012 at around midnight. I have a swimming pool in my backyard, 2nd year, and have always wanting to do some nighttime swimming, and just float and look at the stars.
I finally was able to do this tonight, as the water was warm enough. By the way, I am in Marion, Indiana. There were people doing fireworks a few blocks away, I could hear them, but not see them. 
There is a big tree in my neighbors yard and the fireworks were coming from behind the tree a few blocks over. Anyway, I saw a very very bright red object come over the tree. I thought, oh wow, I get to see a firework after all.
I thought it was a burning spark from the firework. I watched it thinking it would fall and burn out like town firework shows do. It started coming my way, and I thought holy crap, it’s not going to burn out, as it got closer.
I thought it may fall right on me in the pool. I hurried and got out of the intertube I was in, in case I had to dodge this burning ember. As I stood in the pool watching, I realized it wasn’t falling at all, it was moving straight across the sky.
I watched it go over me and across the sky as far as I could see. It was moving in a straight line, never dimmed, the red brightness of this thing is something that just had me in awe. Definitely not any type of plane. 
A person knows when they see something that just doesn’t match up. I have a 14 year old son that was with his father and grandmother and him and his father told me they saw something red flying across the sky a couple days ago.
I blew it off as fireworks, but when I saw this, I called them immediately. Now I know what they saw. What is it? I don’t know. I just know it scared the hell out of me.
If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

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BOB KUENE said...

I saw the same exact thing UFO in Little Chute Wisconsin on July 4th 2012. It seemed to be at a very low altitude. It was very bright red and moving at a pretty good clip. I was sitting on the front step of the house and wen't out for a cigarette at around 11:00 pm. July 4th 2012. I was looking for fireworks also and heard people lighting them off in the neighborhood. Like You said the object I saw was not a firework. It was moving straight across the sky and kept going until I lost sight of it behind a building. It was not a firework. I was thinking maybe it was one of them new high tech unmanned surveilence drone aircraft that the FFA has approved for use in use in the united states airspace? It was very unusual and still has me baffled.

Anonymous said...

I saw something of the same exact description July 4th 2012. The UFO was seen near highway 41 in Little Chute Wisconsin. At about 11:30 pm I stepped outside and was having a cigarette outside on the front steps of my duplex across from the Little Chute Industrial Park. I heard people in the neighborhood Lighting fireworks. But what I seen was similar in color to a traffic flare and about the size of an SUV flying at low altitude. It came into my line of sight as I was watching some fireworks across highway 41. It appeared from in back of the house and was moving from west to east. It seemed to be going slow at first and then increased in speed until I lost sight of it about 15 seconds later. It was not any firework or anything of that nature or a flare because it was moving straight ahead just like an airplane but was just bright, bright red and did not leave any type of trail of smoke. My theory is maybe it was an unmanned surveilence drone since the Federal Aviation Administration has cleared these for use in the united states airspace. There was no Noise at all though I would also like to add to my description of this. It appeared to be flying at low altitude and was about the size of an SUV. It's hard to say what it was because it all happened so fast and kinda took me by surprise. I am still baffled and never seen anything like it before.

Soofs said...

It sounds like what you saw was an iridium flare from a satelite. I saw one last night and it looked exactly like what you have decribed. Check out to confirm what you saw.

Wellsitter said...

I have just come in from, you guessed it, watching fire-works and I also saw a red light moving across the sky. I'm in central Alberta, Canada and its just past midnight on New Years 2013. I couldn't gauge the altitude. At first I thought it was an airplane but as it drew nearer I noticed there was no blinking and no sound. I am a pilot and know an aircraft when I see one. This was no aircraft. Not one that I could fly anyway. Interesting that the common theme to these sightings is fire-works. Hmmm.

Treva Keeton said...

I experienced something similar just a few minutes ago. The bright red object was very low, but it wasn't moving for the first minute or so. Then it started moving slowly across the sky, stopped again and dropped another red object out of it that fell to the ground. Then the original red object just disappeared. So strange!

Anonymous said...

I saw the same red object on 1-10-2014 in wise VA as I was getting out of my car around 7:15PM - There was no sound and it was moving steadily across the sky. I took 3 pics - my camera flashed with the first pic but I switched settings and got 2 more "fuzzy" pics. I watched it go out of sight. I turned to get something out of my car and when I turned back around the object was back. I watched it once more out of sight and still no sound. I don't know if it sensed the camera flash and came back or maybe it was a second red object that I didn't see coming across the sky.

Becka said...

It is July 4, 2014. Tonight while watching the fireworks with my kids we saw the same exact thing you all are describing. There were three bright red objects with a small amount of white that all flew across the sky in the same exact path. at first I thought it was a firework until it did not explode and then it did not burn out. The light never faded. When I saw the second one coming, I really got nervous wondering what in the world could these be an by the third one, I just took the kids back inside. I still have no ide what they are and my husband things I'm crazy. I'm not making it up and I wish someone else would say they saw it too. We live in Southwest Florida.

jnc880 said...

In 2013 I went out side around 830pm to check my chicken on the grill. Around the same month this year. I opened my door to find a glowing basketball size object above the trees red/orange in color, it had what looked like gas flames from a gas stove coming out of the bottom which helped to push it upwards only coming out a few seconds at a time. Going way slower then a sky lantern so I know it was nothing of the sort. Plus I live in a small country setting. I have never seen a chinese lantern in my life only on youtube. But I know my neighbors wouldn't let one off. This thing was not normal and it was way to small for anyone to drive so I cant explain what it is but I know it wasn't from this planet! It slowly made its way up in the night sky till I couldn't see it no more .. I was horrified in a way but couldn't stop watching it, hoping what ever it was would just keep on a and it did thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

So I just had the strangest night sky experience and I am an AVID star and sky gazer; I have seen many meteor showers and shooting stars throughout my life! It is late on a cloudy night and I am spending time with my wife. I went outside to "relieve myself" and, as always, was staring up at the sky when I saw this steady orange light moving through the sky. I called for my wife to come see it too (and to verify I wasn't seeing things)and she did see it! I followed it to get a closer look while my wife went in our house to get the binoculars. While she was inside the big orange light just stopped traveling, went slowly to the left and upwards and disappeared right before my eyes!!! I have NEVER seen such an oddity in the sky and wonder if I ever will again!! Can anyone explain this seriously!?!? Chris

Anonymous said...

About 7pm I went out to see if the moon was rising because we're having a super moon tonight. It wasn't dark yet and I saw a red v shaped object flying like a plane in sky. It was moving slow and I ran in the house and yelled for family to come see this. Came back out and it saw it was headed into a cloud, but before it got to the cloud it disappeared. Coolest thing I've ever seen, wish I grabbed my camera instead of family. I was searching the web and saw everyone's comments and thought I'd share.