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Kokomo, Indiana Sonic Boom/Jet Fighters - Event Covered Up ?

Posted: April 19, 2008

Date: April 16, 2008
Time: After 10:00 p.m.

HBCC UFO Research has received numerous reports on this event, one of the witnesses tells of a unknown craft that was seen in the area. So knowing the military the way we do, I am wondering if there is more to this event than we are being told. It certainly would not surprise me, and after reading the below information it makes one wonder even more. Again, if anyone living in the area has any information over the April 16, 2008 event would they please contact Brian Vike at as any and all information is needed.

Brian Vike

In response to the sightings in Kokomo, IN on April 16th 2008, on the police scanner a little after 10pm, all available units (county, city and state police, from 2 different counties) were all scrambling to find the source of the sonic 'boom' They were discussing opening up two county schools football fields to open a search command post. About 45 mins into the search, a county official came over the radio and with a shaking voice, and "confirmed he was at the scene" Mind you, early in during the search, about 10:15pm, the police said they had contacted all major airports and no planes were in the area directly prior to the event. They specifically named Grissom AFB and the National Guard in Fort Wayne Indiana had been contacted and had no involvement. Suddenly after the official confirmed the info about the scene, they briefly kept calling it "an astronomical incident" and shortly after, all units were told they were dismissed from the search, and to return to their normal calls. All radio communication ceased, and the few officers talking were told to communicate with cellular phones. The night of April 16th, many unusual un-marker police cars were spotted around the Howard and Tipton county lines, as if they were guarding something.

The next morning, the National Guard released a statement saying it "may have been F-16 training in the area"

Hours later, they "confirmed it was government training"

Remember the first radio transmissions..."all airports and government establishments had been contacted, and denied any air action in that time period"



There were hundreds of 911 calls in Howard County Indiana within a 35 min time-span.

Thank you to the person for the important information.

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