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Oceanside Beach, Oceanside California Oval Shaped UFO

Posted: April 17, 2008

Date: September 21, 1997
Time: Approx: 4:45 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Oceanside Beach, Oceanside California USA.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Oval.

Full Description of event/sighting: I was walking on the beach in Oceanside, California, Sunday, September 21 1997. It was around 4:45 pm. We were on vacation visiting my parents. My four year old son was with me. We were at the water's edge. The sun was starting to get closer to the horizon. I happened to look back towards the cliff area. I saw this oval object that was over the beach level row of A-frame cottages yet it was below the cliff line and other houses behind it.

If you do a Google Earth search for the area where the flying object sat, it would be latitude: 33°11\'53.93\"N and longitude:117°23\'14.72\"W. Where I was standing on the water's edge was latitude: 33°11\'55.62\"N and longitude:117°23\'20.90\"W.

What attracted me to the object was a glimmer of light as if reflecting the sun's light into a mirror and then moving the mirror so that it would pulse. We walked closer to the object walking away from the water's edge. I could see the color of the light, which to make a basic description, looked like gold spray paint sprayed onto water and then sloshed so that the gold paint would circle around inside the oval shape. Gold spray paint has dark components in it especially if it is sprayed too thick. Imagine an oval tank filled with water, with underwater bright white lights inside the tank submerged and the thick gold "paint" material swirling around on top of the water as it won't mix with the water. There would be times when the "paint" was not too thick which allowed the light behind it to shine through making it brighter and darker as the "paint" material swirled around. The "tank" is on its side in this instance like a large picture frame. There was no pattern to the movement of the material inside the oval.

Random swirls as if stirred with a spoon and then reversed at will. The object was the size of a large van. It was a windy day, there were seagulls flying a few yards from the object at palm tree level, and they were having a hard time negotiating the wind. The object was dead still. I at first thought it was a gag blimp or some type of kite. I looked for wires, there were none. Nothing short of billboard scaffolding could have suspended that large object over the cottage roofing to keep it from moving in the wind. There was no scaffolding. Nothing extended from the A-frame cottages and nothing connected to the houses on the cliff above the object. Still not wanting to believe this object was hanging there by itself, motionless, I moved closer. It was the same thing. No wires, no poles no metal trusses, not even an electric wire to supply power for the light effects. The object was facing the sun which was setting in a northwest position over the horizon. I moved closer to the object and noticed that behind the oval that was displaying the liquid light show, there was a turbine. Yes a turbine that spun counterclockwise. Looked like what you would see on a jet liner. There were light blue and pink lights coming out of the turbine as it spun. No specific light receptacles, just shafts of pastel lights coming out of the area of the spinning vanes.

But there was no noise at all. I could not understand how light could be coming out of the turbine as there were no bulbs, reflectors, etc. It was mystical to say the least. There were other people at the beach picnic tables across the cottages, gathered around, and I looked at them to see if they had noticed the object. They never glanced at it. Made me think, is this a gag, and everybody else has already seen it and grown tired of it? A young boy crossed in front of my son and me as we stood across the row of cottages and I looked at him to see if he was viewing what we saw trying to get him to look up at the object. He looked at me and wondered why I was looking at him. He never looked up at the object. My son and I looked at the object for a good 30 minutes, the sun was still brightly shining. I had to leave to get the car home in time for my parents to go to 5 p.m. religious services. I was late. The car was parked on the street at the cliff line south of the cottages, quite a ways away from the Oceanside amphitheater. I kept looking back at the object and it was still there in the same position. I reluctantly got into the car and drove home. I usually have a video camera with me. I'm a recording artist with music videos on MTV Asia. That day my brother had taken the video camera with him. Of all the times to be without a camera. I can still remember the object. I did not see any windows, any beings looking out, any doors, wings, tires. Above all no motion and no noise whatsoever, high pitched or low rumblings. No smell of fuel, aviation or otherwise, no fumes, no exhaust heat mirages, no heat.

The gulls were the loudest thing at the scene. The turbine was molded onto the rear of the oval light frame or "tank." If I had not stepped to one side I would not have noticed the turbine. It had dimension. It was a solid object. Whatever it was seemed to only be seen by myself and my son. This object was at rooftop of the cottages, which are still there on the beach access road at Oceanside beach, and can be seen on Google Earth. It was not a misty hazy apparition. It was well defined, unmistakably within arm's reach and in more than enough broad daylight to tell it was hanging there. It was definitely a flying machine. Sort of a darkish metallic color. I have no idea where it came from. I did not see it leave as I left before it did and i did not see it appear or arrive. I went back the next day and it was gone. I wish I had stayed till the object disappeared. I wish I had video footage of it. I wonder why it showed itself to me and not to the others on the beach? As close as i was to this object, it would have made for some very convincing video.

I never saw anything like this before and have not seen it again since. It was an unusual shape and it looked like the only purpose to this object was to fly that oval liquid light frame around. I got a sense that it was charging itself off the sun's rays. From the water's edge as I first noticed it, it looked like a giant mirror reflecting the sun's light as would be used for Morse Code. But this "mirror" was huge as it dwarfed the A frame cottage below it. It would be nice if someone else reported seeing this same object.

Now that I think about it, this object could have flown with the turbine on the bottom or on the top, meaning the oval "mirror" could be positioned at 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock or 6 o'clock other than in the 9 o'clock position I saw.

I have been interested in UFO's since I was a young kid. I have seen other objects before but the moving sky objects I saw last before this flying "mirror" were two star sized objects in the night sky over Santa Barbara, California around 1976 that happened to switch positions as I and a friend of mine happened to look up at the same spot in the sky. We both saw the two dots of light switch their positions and then remained still but as I said they looked as tiny as the stars. Why we happened to look up at the same spot in the sky at the exact same time was a mystery to us both. Obviously to me they moved, from a standstill position, and then just changed places with each other in the same portion of the night sky each object had previously occupied, only to hang motionless again.

The floating "mirror" I previously described was too close and detailed to second guess one's self as the visualization lasted too long, and in broad daylight. It was crystal clear and beyond a doubt, hovering at a standstill over those A frame cottages.

Thank you to the witness for a really good report.

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