Sunday, April 27, 2008

Monticello, New York The Police And Fire Engines Following Huge UFO

Posted: April 27, 2008

Date: Labor Day weekend 1985
Time: Evening. (Dusk)

Move forward nine years, labor day weekend 1985 in Monticello, NY, for several years we camped at Bailey Lake. A small campground with a mile long by 1/2 mile wide lake, right down the road form the Concord Hotel. It was a really lousy rainy weekend and most campers went home. I was not there, having told my parents I was celebrating my 21st birthday with a party at the house. Big Mistake. It was Sunday night, the sun was starting to set. The tree line started immediately behind our camper, the woods are tall and deep. My parents and my sister we're out front with our Neighbor and his grandson, looking towards the lake. They started hearing a loud humming machine generator sound. My dad said what is that and the neighbors grandson said, It probably a UFO jokingly. They look up and just above the trees, 60 feet tall, there it was.

The craft slowly moved above them. I asked my dad what the surface looked like smooth or like Star Wars/Battlestar Galactica. He said it was Star Wars like and he could clearly see the details. They all went down to the lake about 50 feet away for a clearer look. They watch the UFO about 400 yards wide by 30. They watched for about 15 minutes as it slowly crossed the lake and headed towards downtown Monticello. The police and Fire Engines could be seen with sirens blasting completely following it. Now my dad believes me. Today was his birthday and I told him about last weeks flying Pumpkins.
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