Tuesday, April 1, 2008

South Of Marfa, Texas A White Oval Shaped UFO

Posted: April 1, 2008

Date: October 27, 2007
Time: Approx: midday.

Location of Sighting: Approx: 3-5 miles west, north west of U.S. Border Patrol check point on highway 67, south of Marfa, TX.
Number of witnesses: 8
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Oval.

Full Description of event/sighting: Eight of us were in a church van from our missionary to Chihuahua MX. We were traveling north on Texas state HYWY 67 on our return trip to Brownsville TX. I noticed off to our left at an extreme distance, approx: 3-5 miles west, northwest from our present position just south of the U.S. Border patrol check point on 67. It appeared to be stationary, and we watched it for a little under a half an hour hovering in the same spot approx: 2000-4000 feet up in the air. This continued from a few miles before we entered the check point, to just after we turned east heading out of Marfa TX onto state HYWY 67-90. We were all discussing the possibility of this being a U.S. border patrol surveillance balloon with camera and radar. But we were not sure what it was. It appeared to be white, and oval in shape.

(An oval dot in the sky, very far away) again, it did not move what so ever, and we did not see a tether line keeping it stationary as we may have been to far away to even see the line (3-5) miles distant. It did appear to be rather large for the distance we were observing it from, as I was trying to get a bearing from our observation of it while we were traveling, in as best as I could calculate from our rate of speed, the altitude it appeared, and the angle it appeared from our constantly moving position. We did not ask the border patrol guard if he noticed it even though it was plainly visible from his position. In conclusion we really did not know what its origin was or what it was, but it was the first time in my life (at 49 years old) that I had seen something that resembled a flying saucer. We did not take video or pictures of it as it was really too far away in our camera views to get a coherent image.

Thank you to the witness for the sighting report.

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