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Round Lake, Illinois Police Officers And Many Witness To UFO Sighting

Posted: April 27, 2008

Date: April 25, 2008
Time: Approx: 8:45 p.m.

HBCC UFO Research Note: Another major UFO event has taken place in the Midwest of the United States. People were pulled over to the side of the road and the police were there observing the UFO as well. I certainly would like to request that if anyone knows anything about this event to please write to Brian Vike at or go through the website at as I am searching for other eyewitnesses and more detail. Also if an officer who has any knowledge of the event, please do contact me. Of course all personal information says private ! Also HBCC UFO Research removed names in this report.

Brian, the unfortunate part of this story is that I didn't experience it first hand. The other unfortunate part is that my coworker would never report this to ANYONE he doesn't personally know for fear of ridicule. When I got to work this morning, my coworker was acting a bit odd. When I greeted him he said ". I gotta tell you something really bizarre. I didn't even tell my wife because she'll think I'm crazy."

My coworker lives in Round Lake, Illinois which is rather far north. He was a short distance from his home on route 120 (I believe he said) which has some farm area and quite a bit of space.

He tensed up and got very wide eyed and intense. This is what he told us (another employee and myself), not verbatim but this is rather close.
As I was driving I saw this huge light at ground level but still above the field it was over. I kept driving but I saw cars pulled over with people out of their cars watching so I pulled over. I asked some people what they thought and I said I thought it was some equipment being used or kids screwing around. But the light just sat there for awhile. Nothing happened so I started to drive away when I noticed the light wasn't getting any smaller. I saw more cars pulled off up ahead again so I pulled over again and watched it for awhile. By this point a cop showed up with his lights on. He asked everyone what was going on, I told him what I thought it was but that something was weird about it. So then another cop/car pulls up and says, 'You can only see it from the one side, I drove around the property.' Now, we all think it some sort of lighting rig. So the cops head out across the field towards the light when it shot directly up in the air like 20 feet and disappeared. NOT flew away, disappeared. The cops came running back pretty freaked out. I hung around while they searched the area and found not a trace of anything out there. At this point is was 11:30pm."

We get off work at 8pm, which would have put him in that area at 8:45. My coworker has a wife and a 3 year old son that he adores. He is an incredibly nice and liable person. In 5 years of working with him I have never heard him exaggerate any details nor have we ever discussed my passion for UFO's and Chemtrails. I try to keep that stuff away from work (until now!). He was genuinely scared when he talked about this. I could see it in his face, clearly. I need to get some more details like what police squad showed up, how big was the light, etc. I wonder if the cops will file a report or if it will get squashed?

Man! I wish I were there! So much stuff is happening in our area (the Midwest). Let's see? Sonic Booms/Earthquake/Chemtrails/Hail Storms/Orbs/Strange Light/Increasing Sightings... How much more needs to happen before we get some answers!? In the meantime I will keep a watchful eye on what going on and continue reporting to your site. Thanks again for providing us with as much proof and truth humanly possible!

Thank you very much to the person for passing along the information, another excellent sighting.

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