Thursday, April 10, 2008

Morgantown, West Virginia Red Objects Jetting Across The Horizon

Posted: April 10, 2008

I was only 7 at the time, but my father and I were in our front yard and witnessed some objects that looked like red fireballs jetting across the horizon in formation in Morgantown, WV at about the same time as the Kecksburg crash. My father was in the military, and a licensed pilot who taught ROTC at WVU at the time. He has always been somewhat of a skeptic and was hesitant to talk about our experience, except wit family. If anyone asks, however, he will tell them exactly what he saw, and that it definitely was not a meteor, as per the "official" reports.

I often wondered over the years if our sighting had anything to do with the Kecksburg incident. My father is now 80 and his email address is (email address removed) if you want any info from him.

HBCC UFO Research wrote to the person's Father, his reply below.

Dear Mr Vike:

When my wife, (name removed) and I observed what we believed to be UFO's, while living in Morgantown, I immediately wrote down exactly what we had seen. It is now over 40 years later and I cannot find this written account, although I have looked for it several times.

My recollection is the same as what my daughter wrote you, so I would have nothing to add to your research. Sincerely,

Thank you to both of the witness for their report.

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