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Orange Glowing Objects Flew Through The Sky Over Hillsboro Oregon

Date:  February 2, 2013
Time:  Approx: 7:45 p.m.

To whom maybe interested,I'm just inquiring if you received any stories out of this area of 6 strange lights over Hillsboro OR. on 2/02/2013.
I live just east of the Hillsboro Airport with Intel campus between us. I am used to seeing aircraft in the area, but this was something way different.
Ever since I was a kid I have been into military aircraft and have been to airshows and have seen what planes and helicopters can do in the air.

There is nothing that I have seen in my life that can do what I witnessed last night.
Roughly around 7:45 pm Saturday night, I arrived home(Tanasborn area of Hillsboro) after shopping with my wife and stepped out side to have a cigarette and noticed two large lights moving in tandem.

Orange and glowing with an ever so slight pulsing to them and they moved very slow. Moving out beyond I watched their shapes through the bare tree limbs approaching.

I at first thought they were two planes flying side by side. They particularly stood out because of their color (orange in color) and intensity and for being so low, they made no sound.
I began watching in more intently as they took a position roughly above me they stopped moving.

Fluttering there the both lights dimmed out slightly like a spotlight maybe. Reducing down to maybe 4 very faint lights on each, they reignited which then really had got my attention.
Before I could react, out out of the corner of my eye, a third light came flying in. Moving along low to my horizon. It appeared behind the tree line just out from me in the far distance.

This one was moving fast and fluid coming out of the Beaverton area just south east of where the ones that were here before me. Kind of jogging around in its path it seemed to be trying to catch up to the others.

Moving silent and fast, it made my hair stand up for how unusual it moved.
I raced inside and grabbed my camera freaking my wife out in the process, while she was cooking dinner (LOL!). Returning outside, I called my brother in-law who lives in Beaverton while this was transpiring.

He didn't have a clear view of the sky and could not confirm this. While on the phone, a 4th one flew in from the same direction taking position with the others.

None of them were making any sound and were about at a similar level that would put them with the locally flying aircraft landing in the area.
In the meantime my hands were shaking and I was trying to get the dam camera to work right, while talking on the phone (smart I know). I found the memory card was taken out and sent my wife to find it while I switched over to use the phones video.

But sadly, I just have one still shot of a short film that shows how really bright they were.(dam!)
My sister heard what was going on and took the phone from my brother-in-law as a 5th and 6th object swooped. I was freaking out by then even more as she asked me to describe what I was seeing.

That was when I finally got the camera to focus enough to capture at least one of them in view as they moved on out of my sight. Due to it’s poor ability to record in the dark.
The image doesn't do justice to what was happening there. So what I have, is one of the objects jotting around with me freaking in the background.
The show I was seeing was pretty bright, I'm sure someone else has had to of seen this especially the control tower at Hillsboro airport right west of where I was.

For being so early in the evening and over a such busy area anyone looking up would have instantly taken noticed to this. I thought I would see it on the evening news, but sadly, there were no recent reports.
Later on after reviewing what I had captured on camera, I got online and found nothing on this event, but I did come across a video taken by a girl (Wesly Michel) in the same area on December 24, 2012. (The Title: UFO sighting HiIllsboro,OR  December 24th, 2012)
She was standing in a shopping mall not far from here and captured roughly what I saw. Six objects moving in the same fashion in the Hillsboro sky with planes flying near by.
Which is when my search brought me to you. I found an article on your site of a gentleman back in November of 2011, that had seen something similar to "Orange Floating Chinese lanterns over Beaverton,OR ".

That’s similar to what I had seen, looking basically in the same fashion these moved though with very fluid forward grace and intent.

That’s characteristic of modern aircraft, but how they slightly jotted around maintaining coarse just made it plain eerie!
So in closing, I have a video, but of very pour quality of some kind of of air craft I have never encountered before. Not saying it’s a UFO, just something very, very odd.

(Well I guess it falls in that description) If you have any questions pleas feel free to email me. Thanks.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

Also, please feel free to send in your sightings that have happened years ago. So many of these older sightings are nothing short of amazing.

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Ganesh said...

We also noticed this today from Tanasbourne .It was very bright orange light...