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Orange/Red Lights Seen In The Sky Over White Rock Lake Park Dallas Texas

Date:  February 2, 2012
Time:  Approx: 8:30 p.m.

On February 2, 2012 at approximately 20:30 hours over White Rock Lake Park, Dallas, Texas, there appeared in the dark, evening sky an unusual orange-red light, or composite light. 

The temperature was 55 degrees. There were no clouds over this area of Dallas, and the stars were clearly bright and visual in the background. There was virtually no light pollution over White Rock Lake this evening and the lake was still and dark. 

White Rock Lake Park was mostly deserted in this area, however there were several other people walking along edge of the lake. Apparently they did not notice the object.

I was driving with my wife and south on West Lawther Drive on the West side of White Rock Lake. White Rock Lake is rimmed with large residential estates on the west side of the park, all facing east and overlooking the lake. 

West Lawther Drive winds around the perimeter of White Rock Lake Park on the West side.

The orange red light was moving from the East to the southeast across the 65 degree horizon and in the general flight path approach for Southwest Airlines into Love Field Airport to the West of White Rock Lake. 

There were other airplanes in the approach for Love Field Airport in the general vicinity over White Rock Lake.  The orange-red moving light was noticeable and unusual because there were no strobe lights or white lights as are common with commercial or private aircraft. 

The orange-red light appeared in the sky at a 65 degree angle from the road and the light source was the approximate size of the commercial aircraft in the area.  The orange-red light was not moving rapidly, or erratically, but rather deliberately on a particular path and at a speed in common with the other aircraft in the vicinity.

The orange-red flying object was not a star, planet or meteor.

After viewing this object move through the sky and over White Rock Lake for approximately twenty seconds, the object faded and vanished in mid-air over the lake.

Upon closer observation, the orange-red light appeared to have a composite light source of multiple lights.

Given that this area of Dallas is restricted airspace and in the approach path for Love Field Airport, it was highly unusual for any flying craft to have no strobe, and to have turned off its lights and or disappeared.

The disappearance of the orange-red flying craft was not immediate, and it appeared to have diminished in size before vanishing, leaving one with the impression that the source of the light gained altitude at an unusually rapid speed and not on a trajectory common with traditional airplanes. This process took less than several seconds. 

The sky was scanned for several minutes in an effort to locate the object, however this was unsuccessful. 

I am a graduate of the University of Virginia and Southern Methodist University and have experience piloting private aircraft.

I am familiar with the appearance of aircraft making an approach to Love Field Airport in this vicinity, and of the identifying lights required of aircraft, and can attest that this object was not a commercial, private or conventional military aircraft. 

Furthermore, I have observed meteors, comets and other natural celestial phenomena and this object was neither.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

Also, please feel free to send in your sightings that have happened years ago. So many of these older sightings are nothing short of amazing.

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Gregory Gaylor said...

As the individual who reported the first sighting, it is noteworthy that we observed a similar sighting one weekend evening later along White Rock Lake, this time in front of other witnesses. The craft moved silently, appeared instantly over the horizon of White Rock Lake, and then appeared to vanish before moving rapidly over our heads. The craft appeared lozenge shaped, had no lights, no strobes and was silhouetted in the dark clear sky as it moved from the darkness of the lake heading west over the City of Dallas. This craft was traveling within the restricted airspace for Dallas Love Field.

Gregory Gaylor said...

I am the person who reported the UFO over White Rock Lake in February 2013. Astonishingly, a similar sighting occurred one weekend later. I was accompanied by my wife, and a business colleague and his wife one evening as we walked along the shore of White Rock Lake. As I described the earlier sighting to my friend, we were surprised to see the same fire-orange object appear instantly over the lake, then travel rapidly and silently until it disappeared. I was stunned to see the same object twice, in the same vicinity and one weekend after the first sighting. My friend scanned the sky in the immediate direction of the object's trajectory and as we turned behind us we both saw a lozenge-shaped craft silhouetted in the clear, dark evening sky by the glow from the city lights, moving silently and at a very high rate of speed. There were no lights, no strobes, and no noise. We estimated that the craft moved three-four times the speed of the approaching aircraft within the landing pattern for Dallas Love Field.

Having seen this twice, and with another witness, caused us to wonder what precisely might have caused the craft to glow fire-orange and appear immediately over the lake as compared with the long, slow approach of incoming aircraft. Our theory is that the craft entered the atmosphere, causing the fire-orange color from atmospheric heat build-up. As the craft cooled, it appeared to disappear in the dark night sky. In the first sighting, I was unable to track the craft as it disappeared. However, my colleague was lucky enough to scan along its trajectory and see the faint outlines of the craft. This was not a conventional aircraft.

Anonymous said...

Same sighting just witnessed. Location: Goose Creek, SC. My family and I were sitting outside on our back deck when my daughter asked what was in the sky. We saw an orange/red object flying in the sky. Flight similar to aircraft but no sound. Clear night, stars visible. We watched the object then become dim then disappear. Shortly after, a second object was seen following same flight path with same results. We got on the internet and saw this site with similar sightings. Very odd, not any type of commercial aircraft. Date: Sept 1, 2013 approx time of sighting was 9:00 pm est. If anyone else has seen this please respond.

Laura Searle said...

We just had a very similar experience. There were maybe 8 or 9orange gliding lights. Some formed a traingle. Silent and seemed to just disappear. We live in Smyrna, DE.